Deshaun Watson gets 11 game suspension and Millions in fine

Deshaun Watson who was accused of sexual misconduct by more than 24 women.

The quarterback faces an 11 game suspension and $5.69 million fine as punishment by NFL.

The $5.69 million fine makes Deshaun the very first player in NFL history to be fined under Personal Conduct Policy.

While playing for Huston Texans the last year, the quarterback bagged the entire salary of $10.5 million; that too without playing a single game.

Another reason is Deshaun’s contract structure with the Browns which cause nominal impact on his salary after the suspension. This has been a topic of debate and faced constant criticism.

$5.69 Million may seem a lot, but it wouldn’t mean much to the quarterback. Leaving aside the earnings from the previous contract with Houston, Watson will make $46 Million per year from 2023 till 2026 as salary.

The owner of Browns said to that he would make the Watson trade again. He believes in people deserving second chance. He also plans to retain Deshaun as quarterback for long.